LG 65UH6150 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV


LG 65UH6150 produces smooth, stunning, and vibrant colors because of the technology of 4K Quantum Display which gives this TV the ability in order to reproduce more than a billion colors. The quality of the image is another brilliant invention with Dolby Vision HDR technology built in which gives a wider color gamut, brightness which has been improved, and superior dynamic range when compared to the standard HDR 10 of the current industry. Meanwhile, you can also get the same quality of visual at viewing angles which are little bit wider as the TV comes with IPS display. This TV also comes with a low reflection which is called True Black Panel that helps the LG 65UH6150 offer the better performance than a couple of other IPS panel TVs in terms of price range.

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There are a couple of TVs out there the reproduce fantastic and sharp colors which are bothered by black level performance. But this is not going to happen with the LG 65UH6150. This TV comes with True Black Panel which is a low reflection that makes this TV features great blacks and contrast ratio which has been heightened. The performance of the black level is very bad in a couple of conditions.

When talking about the design of the LG 65UH6150, there is no witting flower. This TV is created by a premium, heavy feeling, stainless steel and comes with a curved stand which is futuristic that can handle hiding stray cables. The TV also comes with ultra-thin silver bezel on the sides.

The LG 65UH6150 comes with brains and also beauty because the Web OS 3.0 which has been newly released. This Web OS 3.0 comes with an interface which looks identical to 2.0. Meanwhile, the 3.0 comes with a couple of notable improvements. One of the huge improvements is that you will get split screen ability that will allow you to watch two different movies at the same time.

A couple of other perfect features are that this TV has the ability in order to play music through the LG music player application. You can even listen to your favorite song when your TV is turned off. This brand new OS is also generated with the hardware of LG TV that has a couple of features such as Magic Zoom that lets you magnifying any section of the screen and you will not lose the quality of the picture. One of the favorite features of the Web OS 3.0 is Magic Mobile Connection that allows you to stream application right from your smart phone to your LG TV.

This TV comes with motion handling which is very exceptional. The LG 65UH6150 comes with Tru-Motion technology built in. If you want to play Blu-Ray movies, or you are streaming Netflix or you want to play standard definition content, you can play it all smoothly and free from judder. For those of you who love to play game, this LG 65UH6150 comes with low input tag which means that everything is fast and responsive.