Sony XBR75X940E 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model)


This is a survey of the Sony XBR75X940E, which is the only member from the X940E series. Much the same as the model it supersedes, the XBR75X940E comes in the 75-inch class and shows a full-array local dimming backlight. As far as some local diminishing zones, the XBR75X940E sits between the Z9D and X900E series, yet closer to the last mentioned.

clickThe XBR75X940E’s front panel comprises of two slates. They are arranged vertically at the base with the end goal of giving space to the front-facing speakers. The slate within is dark while the external one consist of a metallic color. The unbiased colored panel on the back of the XBR75X940E exhibits a geometric pattern. All inputs on the XBR75X940E are directly on the back of the TV. Since they are either bottom or side-facing, you can cover them up utilizing the removable panel covers. This is a change in the course of the most recent year’s XBR75X940D because the legacy inputs on this model couldn’t be covered up since they were rear-facing. Moreover, the XBR75X940D didn’t consist of a geometric pattern on the back panel.

The table-top stand of the XBR75X940E is slanted. In spite of the fact that the point at which the front segment is joined with the support legs is less steep than it was on the XBR75X940D, there is slightly more Space underneath the display owing to the more noticeable two support sections, which are very visible from the front. Conversely, the XBR75X940D depended on a single, focal support for its slanted stand. The two models enable you to cover up cables by running them through the stand. However, this is done through the legs of the remain on the XBR75X940E, and the focal point of the stand on the XBR75X940D.

Without the table-top stand, The XBR75X940E weighs 94.3 lb which makes it significantly heavier than its forerunner. Notwithstanding that, the XBR75X940E can be mounted on a wall making use of any 400×300 VESA compatible wall mount that can bolster such substantial TV. There is a discretionary Sony SU-WL830 wall mount section for the XBR75X940E also. If you utilize the SU-WL830, the TV seems flush to the wall yet this wall mount section is excluded so it must be bought separately. Moreover, the SU-WL830 enables you to swivel the TV up to 15 degrees toward every path to change it to your preferred viewing position or access the ports on the back of the XBR75X940E.

Highlight and advantages of Sony XBR75X940E

Curved: No

The outline of the X940E is natural to any Sony fans because of the simple and modern look. It has a little, focal stand which underpins the TV well can now fit on most table tops. The TV furnishes fantastic cable management with guidance out the back of the stand and has excellent build quality.

Picture Quality

The Sony XBR75X940E LED TV has an exceptional picture quality. Dim scenes look astounding because of the high contrast proportion and the brilliant dark uniformity, particularly when the TV is in a dim room. At the point when set in a bright room, the photo quality remains great, since the TV can get very bright to overpower any glare from a bright light or window and it can likewise deal with reflections.

The general dark consistency is normal, yet fortunately not all that much filthy screen impact is evident. One frustrating thing is the viewing angle, so the X940E is more qualified for individuals who have a lounge with a tight seating game plan, as the photo quality is best just when sitting before the TV. The X940E has fantastic local diminishing, and a high HDR crest brilliance so features shows when contrasted with ordinary SDR content. The Sony X940E is truly the best entertainer with regards to HDR.


Lamentably the X940E has a long reaction time, so motion blur might be seen relying on the content. For motion pictures, this isn’t an issue, yet for PC use long trail can be seen. The TV utilizes PWM to diminish the backlight, yet the frequency is sufficiently high not to be noticed. It is conceivable to lessen the frequency to clear up motion significantly. Some minor judder is available when watching films from a cable or pc, yet the vast majority won’t see this. Clients who love of motion interpolation can present a strong musical drama(soap opera) impact on the 120Hz panel.


The Sony X940E supports all the normal signals, including HDR, and ought to have the capacity to show any content appropriately. It has great 4k input slack, yet its 1080p info slack may disappoint gamers worldwide.

Sound Quality

The X940E produces a somewhat superior sound compared to other TVs, however like any TV, it will greatly profit by being joined to an outer sound system, for example, a soundbar.

Smart Features

Smart OS: Android TV 7.0

The Sony X940E ships with Android TV 6.0 Marshmallow, yet got an update to Android TV 7.0 Nougat preceding testing. Nougat conveys a couple of new components to Android TV, for example, a photo in picture mode and multitasking menu, yet it neglects to address the fundamental issues with the Android TV platform, to be specific about the drawbacks, lagging and frame drops, no smart features embedded in remote, no ease of navigation. Other smart components of Android TV remain unaltered. The Google Play Store still has a larger selection of applications than other numerous smart platforms. Content can be projected to the TV from a cell phone or tablet utilizing the TV’s “Chromecast built-in” usefulness, or played from a USB drive connected with one of the TV’s three USB ports. The remote has a built-in mouthpiece for voice look, which functions admirably.


Fringes : 0.55″ (1.4 cm)

The fringes have a normal thickness, however, look and feel great with a metal edge.


Max Thickness: 2.56″ (6.5 cm)

The TV is very thick when seen from the side. Because of the span of the TV, this isn’t detectable if wall-mounted however.


Max Temperature: 36 °C

Normal Temperature: 32 °C

The X940E never gets extremely hot, and the heat is all around disseminated over its surface.

Manufacture Quality

The build nature of the X940E is phenomenal. The back of the TV is all plastic yet feels the top of the line and the greater part of the parts fit together exceptionally well.


If you are looking up wide screen televisions with excellent HDR performance and clear picture quality and don’t plan to make use of it in a wide room with viewers from different viewing angles, Sony XBR75X940E may be your best pick. With visual specs that are offered, it is quite comfortable to use in a room with any light conditions. In the interim, the dreary execution on a few elements doesn’t big affect their execution at the whole. Be that as it may, all things being equal before you choose to get it, there are a ton of opinions from its real clients where you can make as your further consideration.