TCL 75C807 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV


Review TCL 75C807 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

If you are addicted to movies and TV series this is probably the best one for you. A TCL 75C807 size of 75 inches gives you a theatrical experience. All the shows you follow online can now be easily displayed on its TV screen with the help of an Ethernet cable. Slim and that size makes a very attractive combination.


The Roku smart LED TV is an ultra-high definition TV which not just has a good size but a very wide range for channels. It is a beautiful piece of fine appearance. And enhanced features which satisfies you expectations considerably.

TVs having a longer diagonal measurement is popular in present times. Nobody wants small TV’s no matter what purpose the set is purchased for. The TCL manufacturing team has kept this prospect in mind and shifted to design wider and longer TV’s. And it’s not just the size. The specifications are also upgraded to enhance picture quality. And other prospects a buyer is driven towards.


When buying TCL 75C807 75-Inch the main benefit you look on receiving is how user friendly it is to how much it suits you. The main benefit in buying this TV is that it satisfies both your need of class and use.

The dynamic range of every moving creature present is intensified. In this product by improving the HDR standards. The best thing about this LED device is the capacity of channels. Now you have access to over 4000 streaming channels. If you’re a movie freak or series lover this is exactly would you should be looking for. The range of movies. And other visual collections has just exceeded to over five hundred thousand with this TV.


You wouldn’t be disappointed when you investigate about all the features it has on offer. What they focused on is to combine latest features. With unique ideas to increase the user experience. You don’t inspect about all the features when you a buy a TV but you definitely inquire about the one’s that suit your need. Roku TV has all of those as was stated by their marketing staff.

  • When talking about unique features this set has edge led back lightening. A very dynamic LED lighting system which creates diverse effects. To the effects it creates is an algorithm which works on contrast differences.
  • Black color has various shades and is one of the most seen colors in pictures on average occasions. These edge LEDs work on deepening the black color and picture quality on the whole.
  • There are times when you cannot enjoy your show on high speaker volumes. For that they have audio jacks built in along with optical audio outputs.
  • Also to reduce down the blurring effect it has a 120 hertz refreshing rate. This ensures that the fast moving objects don’t pixelate and blur. Making fast moving objects more observable.
  • Not just jacks for audio but multiple ports are built in the panel of TV increasing its function capacity.

Customer Satisfaction

Any appliance or device is only considered a good product if its customers are happy with it. This light emitting diode television set is greatly popular among the customers. Because it focuses less on the technological aspects. And more on the customer requirements.

Advantages and Disadvantages

If your room or space allocated for TV does not allow a big 75 inch TV you don’t really have to worry about it. All these features and specifications are available in two more sizes. So pick the size that suites you and don’t be restricted to a size which is not of your convenience. HDMI port and HDMI arch are both available.

Products manufactured these days are very particular about minimizing all the disadvantages. But a very few are able to ensure none. The disadvantage in having it if any at all is the absence of an advanced LED based remote control. It would be wrong to state that not have such a remote control isn’t really necessary.

Common Questions Asked?

  • How can contrast be dynamic?

When contrast is referred to being dynamic it means it would work. On the difference of contrast adjusting it to need of enhancement.

  • What does 4K ultra HD mean?

4k contrast is the resolution of the image multiplied to 4 times. To give the viewer an overall sharpened better experience.


It can be concluded that this is a good buy for people who love to watch TV shows and movies. It has all the features and looks you want in your device. The need of having a TV is what has to be realized. The right choices can differ from person to person in accordance to their need. This might suit you but not necessarily the others around you. But who doesn’t like shows and movies in the U.S?