Sony Z9D XBR100Z9D 100-Inch 4K Ultra HD High Dynamic Range (HDR) LED Smart TV (Android TV)


Sony Z9D XBR100Z9D 100-Inch 4K Ultra HD High Dynamic Range(HDR) LED Smart TV (Android TV)

This is arguable the best cinematic experience available. With its enormous size of hundred inches. This makes an amazing movie time for families. Unlike other TVs out there. Sony Z9D XBR100Z9D comes with a LED LCD screen. The pixels are individually controlled for an amazing view. The contrast and the colors are absolutely stunning.


Providing in depth contrast details. The shadows are layered to reality. The technologically advanced TV gives a real sense of depth. Since the contrast is rich the deeper colors do not fade. Giving a sense of closer and farther subjects. This large TV gives a real sense to cinematic experience.

The Backlight Master Drive is a technology pioneered by Sony. With this LED technology, the details are extra refined. 4k ultra high definition makes picture even more precise. Discover extreme reality as Sony says about their new TV. This is actually true since the picture quality is as good as real.


The clarity of the TV is unquestionably one of the best. Due to its enormous size. The experience is stunning. Viewing wildlife and nature in this TV is as if you are actually there. The contrast is extremely deep. With a wider range of brightness and contrast the image reflects the real world. The colors appear incredibly natural and real.

There’s unimaginably amount of technology in this masterpiece. Each department is crafted to perfection. Sony Z9D XBR100Z9D is ideal for cinematic experience. But the HDR gaming experience is too good to be true. The design of this TV is incredibly sleek for its size. Modernly crafted. This TV looks like a marvel from the future.


This beast is packed with latest features. And they range to various degrees. The backlight master drive is a technology that enables the LED to provide the best viewing experience. The algorithm in this technology works seamlessly. Providing an amazing view. It is powered by X1 Extreme processor which makes it even fluid. Providing vivid colors and deepest contrast like nothing else.

  • The 4k HDR Processor X1 Extreme enhances the image. 4k ultra high definition in itself is an amazing experience. But this TV masters it with its processor. Up to 40% faster than their previous processor. Sony’s Dolby Vision makes the picture even more crystal clear. Integrated with the 4k ultra high definition. This will take your breath away.
  • The TRILUMINOS Display technology integrated with Backlight Drive. Provides the best color combination out there. Mapping across a wider range, the colors are as real as they can get. Every scene is filled with emotion with this color technology.
  • The 4k X-Reality ensures the depth of an image. Making the viewing experience as real as possible. Although the TV comes with 3D glasses for 3D movies. Even 2D movies with this depth technology. Feels as if you are watching real scene, no glasses required.
  • This Android enabled TV. Let’s you access anything in your fingertips. What’s better? It also has a voice recognition software. This smart TV can be accessed just by talking. The contents can range from movies, TV shows to gaming. All with this Android integrated technology. This Netflix recommended TV is one of the best for live streaming. Seamlessly designed for those who love TV shows.
  • Motionflow XR makes sure the action is as smooth as possible. This highly functional motion sensor calibrates the fastest sequences. As if you are watching it in real life. This gives a thrilling experience to any action movie out there. The LED technology is intelligent. It calculates where the light is needed most and functions efficiently.
  • The content bar makes it even easy to browse through your stuff. While still watching the important shows. This bar can be scrolled down to browse what you would like to watch later. This TV is a perfect partner for your PlayStation too. Now you can enjoy 4k HDR games!

Customer Satisfaction

This huge TV is the answer to cinematic experience. Customers who are looking for a complete entertainment package. Sony Z9D XBR100Z9D 100-Inch is a TV to be considered. With an amazing picture and sound quality. This TV will take your movies to the next level.


Advantages and Disadvantages

While the advantages are many. After all this is one of the best TVs out there. One issue that can be highlighted is the inability to mount the TV. Since the size is tremendous, one might not need. But some however feel the need to mount large TVs too.

It has a full flush surface. Making your focus on the picture. With no distractions the bezels are very reasonable too. These aluminum bezels have a thin layer of gold as well. Giving an elegant viewing experience.

Common Questions Asked

  • Does this TV come with voice command?

With Android integrated, this is a smart TV. Google assistant is also available for convenient voice access.

  • Are the built in speakers enough for cinematic experience?

While the ClearAudio+ fine-tunes the TV sounds for a clearer experience. It might not be enough for cinematic experience. That is why this TV also comes with S-Force front surround. This three dimensional technology gives an immersive sound experience. For your cinematic pleasure. The algorithm mimics the way your brain works.


Sony Z9D XBR100Z9D 100-Inch is arguably the best TV out there for your cinematic needs. Not only that, it is amazing for HDR gaming too. The picture quality is stunning. The body is strong and durable. Making this one of the best out there in the market. The best part is the enormous size of it. And the features are numerous, indulge in the world of entertainment.