Samsung QN88Q9FAMFXZA 88-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV


Review Samsung QN88Q9FAMFXZA 88-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

The next innovation in TV, as Samsung says about their latest model. It has Quantum technology integrated that produces the richest colors ever. With over a billion shades of colors, one really has to see it to believe it. This incredibly modern TV has mounting option as well. Since the TV has no bezels the back is smooth and flat. The mounting doesn’t even require any wall gap. It is like mounting a picture frame!


Apart from the immersive Samsung QN88Q9FAMFXZA watching experience. The body is quite attractive too. Slim design and the logo lit up makes it even more from the future. Almost any device on earth (not including backdated devices) can be connected to this TV. And one might wonder, how that may look clustered. But this QLED has all that sorted out for you. Introducing the invisible connection. Samsung has given this a magic touch. The high definition TV makes it an amazing TV for gaming as well. Latest games come in 4k ultra high definition. Making this TV one of the most suitable.


Since this is a smart TV. It lets you relax and does the work itself. When you connect a device for example. It automatically detects it. And also takes the control of it seamlessly. The smart remote control has all options to control your connected devices. You do not have to tweak anything manually, at all. The smart view app also lets your mobile phone turn into a remote! What more can someone ask for right? This interactive remote has almost all the features necessary for smooth operation.

The enormous size of the TV displaying brilliant colors. Gives a better than cinema experience. Since the TV can be mounted and is extremely thin. Giving a modern touch to your TV room. Apart from the variety of colors this TV has to offer. The Q contrast makes sure you see even the darkest details clearly. Doesn’t leave the minimum light draped under layers of darkness. The viewing experience is stunning.


The Samsung QN88Q9FAMFXZA provides one of the highest resolution out there. With 4k ultra high definition, the pixels are almost undistinguishable. Although 8k ultra high definition resolution is out. 4k ultra high definition is way more than enough. Since most of the productions work in 4k or lower.

  • The Q 4k color drive elite gives one of the best visual experience. The quantum dot technology, pioneered by Samsung. Includes almost a billion shades of colors. This elite color set gives a mesmerizing viewing experience.
  • With the HDR quantum technology the colors are never compromised. However bright or dark the area might seem, the amazing contrast displays everything. The best part is that the colors are still vibrant in such conditions. All thanks to Samsung’s quantum dot tech.
  • The black level has infinite array technology. This means the hidden secrets of shadows are now revealed. For gamers, this is an amazing news. When games played in multiplayer modes. The screens divide according to the number of players. First, the size of the screen doesn’t compromise the experience. Second, the black level makes it an amazing experience since the little details are still clear.
  • The Q Every View tech, provides amazing viewing experience. This means those who are viewing the TV from an edge. Still have comfortable experience. Almost from any angle, if viewed, the results are crustal clear. So no one has to shotgun for the best seat now. Every seat is best for the viewing pleasure. The contrast and brightness is not compromised. Even the colors are as visible as watching it from right in front.
  • The motion rate this TV provides is 240. That is fast enough even for a racing formula one car. Now you can watch your favorite sports. Without missing anything. This large TV with faster motion rate provides an incredible experience. For gamers as well, this is good feature. Giving a smoother motion feeling. Also increases the rich movie experience. The action scenes are more real now.

Customer Satisfaction

The customer satisfaction level is incredibly high for this TV. Although many customers have multiple options available in this price range. This QLED TV makes an amazing purchase.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Few negative aspects if you try hard might be the weight and money. This is quite a heavy piece. But it doesn’t really matter because you do not have to carry it around. Quite expensive too. Many might find a lesser model in way cheaper rate. But this is the deal with new tech TV’s. With so much of innovation. Newer models come and diminish the previous model price range.

Advantages overweight the little disadvantages tough. If you are really an enthusiast. This brilliant TV will satisfy all your viewing needs. And will give you a pleasurable experience with those vibrant colors.

Common Questions Asked

  • What does the Q stand for?

Introducing the technology for billion color shades. The Q stands for quantum and the dots represent the colors.

  • What is the benefit of HDR?

The HDR provides the best resolution out there. Without compromising the color experience. However dark or light the scene may be. Even with bright and dark scene in a single screen. The view is amazing and clear.

  • What does One Connect Box do?

The One Connect Box saves you the clustered cables. This box connects all your devices including HDMI’s. This is then connected by a single cable to your TV for an invisible connection.


Whatever reason you are looking for to buy a TV. This is a must consideration. For gamers, this is amazing. 4k ultra high definition means the picture is clearer. The colors are amazing with this TV. And the invisible connection gives this a modern look!