LG OLED65C6P Curved 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2016 Model)


The brand new LG OLED65C6P is a 65-in 4K Smart Tv set with curve sections which is a viewable OLED 3D Television set. This new top-of-the brand and fashionable Television from LG is very pleased to take it the latest developments of the Smart Television set lines. These breakthroughs include the most advanced technology in TV displays, the OLED and the much talked about 4K UHD quality pixels. In addition to that, LG  made home theater entertainment  more immersive and natural with the curve -panel design of the new Smart Television model.

More display size: 55 Inch

OLED Television sets have elements that make their own light and do not require a supplementary light source. Their monitors can produce radiant colors by tapping from electro-mechanical current, and do not need effective current in any way to make a true dark color. This implies thinner units, better blacks, and lower energy utilization.

The recommended distance for viewing the 65 inches LG OLED65C6P is 8′ 8″ ; thus giving you a basic notion of how your tv room should look like, or it can help you choose the appropriately sized TV that fits the space you have.

The Minimum and maximum distances are also given, being that the ideal viewing distance is provided for you. In the sense that there isn’t on perfect distance away from your tv that you need to watch from.

The minimum looking at distance of 6′ 6″ is projected by THX, a high-fidelity visual duplication standard company. The utmost browsing distance of 13′ 7″ is cited by many television set manufacturers and vendors.


Built and Design

The brand new LG OLED65C6P has a picture-on-glass design. With OLED technology, each unique pixels can completely pull the plug on to lead to perfect dark colored which leads to showing the sharpest distinction, bringing on ultra-lifelike details and colors of each image on display.

The OLED technology has allowed LG’s technicians to create such a brilliant slim display that offers stunning images. It has a curved -panel design making TV taking a look at more immersive. As the display screen is curved, the audience could have a sense to be covered around by the global world on Television set. This leads to superior sense of depth also. LG contained in the package a VESA wall mount in addition to a 400 x 200 mm TV are a symbol of mounting on a set surface. So depending on the taste of the individual to be on flat work surface or installed on a wall structure, installing the TV won’t be difficult.

Smart WebOS3

LG has stuffed this model with the latest technology WebOS 3.0 created by LG. This highly acclaimed Smart Tv set platform supplies the user the capability to understand through the display quickly including quick access to the internet by virtue of its instinctive applications and web browser. This Television also includes Magic HANDY REMOTE CONTROL so that users can handily and easily turn channels, available apps, and see the internet.

Superior Audio

This particular model consist of a speaker System of 4.0 Channel and with OLED surround because of its surround mode. It has mono also, stereo system, and dual system method (MTS/SAP). What this signifies for you is usually that the resulting audio is superior so that seeing movies at home theatre mimics that of a genuine cinema.

Ports and connectivity

The LG OLED65C6P has plenty of connection features to easily and ideally use. An individual can hook up to the net which consists of built-in high-speed 802.11 a/c Wi-Fi. This Tv set also has the ability to be linked to the internet using wired LAN. Further, you can hook up your other gizmos such as your laptop as well as your tablet to the top 65-in screen of the TV and revel in bigger pictures and better audio tracks. You can find 3 HDMI (HDCP 2.2) available in this model for an individual to connect.

Superior display quality like you’ve never seen on TV

4K UHD is experienced by the LG OLED65C6P image resolution. Having said that, this model contains around 8.3 million pixels making the image resolution 4x superior when compared to a Full HD display. What which means to you would be that the pictures on display screen are breath-taking and the facts are more genuine than how many other TVs can provide. Even though the pictures are zoomed in or the viewers steps nearer to the display, the beautiful information on the images on display screen will blow the viewers away.

LG OLED Television sets screen Cinematic Color with a color scheme that practically complements those observed in today’s high-end digital cinemas. This Television set also offers OLED High Active Range (HDR). This total leads to high strong range quality pictures with support for Dolby Eyesight content. Also, this technology allows this TV to provide brilliant bright and contrast with the deepest black to lead to rich colors and deep contrast. Audiences is now able to have theater-like cinematic experience right in the comfort of their own living room.

Features of LG OLED65C6P

The  LG OLED65C6P comes together with a Built-in Wi-Fi which permits you to search the internet widely and quickly, multiple languages that you can pick from. LG OLED65C6P uses innovative self-lighting pixels, individually manipulated to achieve perfect black and infinite contrast. It comes with an expanded color scheme almost identical to today’s digital cinemas, enjoyable from a broad viewing angle. LG OLED65C6P 4K Tv sets support standard HDR and Dolby Eye-sight also.

Perfect Black

The independently illuminating OLED65C6P pixels can brighten, dim and force off totally to accomplish perfect black color. Which means contrast–the ratio between your lightest and darkest regions of the screen–is truly infinite. Perfect dark is vital to a far more lifelike l as well as the fantastic shadow details you can only just get with OLED65C6P.

Cinematic Color

LG OLED65C6P Tv set display a color scheme that practically complements the huge selection of hues observed in today’s high-end digital cinemas. With over the billion abundant colors at its disposal, LG OLED65C6P Television gives a theater-quality experience at home.


OLED65C6P HDR gives a sensational high powerful range picture, including support for Dolby Perspective content. Enjoy outstanding brights and the deepest darks for unlimited contrast, outstanding color and a fantastic viewing experience, nearer to what filmmakers meant. With the perfect dark and cinematic color, The LG OLED65C6P have earned prestigious Ultra HD Premium recognition also.


The  LG OLED65C6P is a great tv that offers you awesome viewing experience and an outstanding feel, totally different from it’s predecessors. This is definitely a new  innovation and a must get.