Samsung UN55MU6490 Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV


Review Samsung UN55MU6490 Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Samsung has always been a pioneer in innovating technologies. This Samsung TV itself is a realization of how much television sets have evolved over the years. Do you remember the curved face TVs? Though Samsung has not started manufacturing again but they’ve traditionalized that style. With modern technology and better optimal goals.


This Samsung electronic device has its pixels multiplied. Not twice or thrice but to four times. This 55 inch Light emission display unit has enhanced the picture quality to a whole new level. If we’re talking about 4K ultra high definition. Imagine how real and precise your visual experience is going to be.

The idea behind designing a curved screen was to match the user’s real life vision to as much as possible. Our eye balls just the way they rotate are peripherals naturally. Our vision is not limited to watching just what our eyes are focusing on. There is a realization of everything in a curved area with a very wide angle. The Samsung U6490 is a decent attempt to replicate that human vision. It has a 3D effect because the pictures formed are based. On three depth planes giving a more in depth picture resolution. They might not exactly match our natural vision. But when compared to flat screens these screens are a thousand times closer.


TV’s have become a necessity for our homes just like fridges and microwaves. According to one of the top official in Samsung, they have travelled from times. When hardly a picture could be seen to times. When the smallest information of content is highly visible. The customer expectations have also jumped up to having an ultimate experience. Samsung has always focused on providing the consumers with what they desire.

This Samsung UN55MU6490 model is well designed to benefit its consumers. With only the kind of visual perception they idealistically want to achieve. Not only its image quality and technological advancements make it a smart buy. But also its elegant classy looks which are eye catching and exuberant. Where are your planning to fix one in your home or office? This sophisticatedly stylish piece. Will surely lift the environment and view of that spot.


You don’t want to spend only on looks and show. With style and class your purchase should also have all the features you money deserves. When discussing TVs the details you should compare on may include the picture engine. Implemented technologies, stand type and screen size.

This Samsung has brilliant specs and features. When compared to all other television sets of similar category. We all know how in depth vision pictures are an extremely pleasant watch.

  • This TV has an auto depth center. That normalizes the depth to a degree where picture quality is not compromised.
  • The screen size is very important. A large over 50 inch screen is good get to have a broader experience and this Samsung is 54.6 inches diagonally. It has a game mode and auto motion sensor making it a very intelligent device. It also has eco sensors and automatic power stitching system.
  • It also has a 120 motion sensor improving the quality of faster moving objects.
  • It has the essential black pro spectrum. Now your picture quality is not restricted. To clarify small blocks of brighter images. But the information content in dark night images can also be sharply observed.

Customer Satisfaction

Samsung has always ensured the satisfaction of their customers. As their brand managers claim that we don’t target competing with our products in the market. We only compete to our customer’s expectations and just don’t try meeting them but exceeding them. General reviews about this product have been very satisfactory. People have really enjoyed its features and its looks.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Hang this LED TV to the wall and see how wonderfully your space decorates. It’s not just a decoration piece but an ultimate slim device you would love to keep using. When you’re searching for electronics reliability is your greatest concern. This is amongst one of Samsung’s most reliable products.

If you scratch hard and are able to find something really negative about it. You may wonder how curved TVs can be of a slight problem when handling them when care becomes a little effortful. Besides that if you’re looking for quality you’ll have to loosen up your pockets. A bit more than you might have expected.

Common Questions Asked

  • What is essential black pro?

Essential black pro is the color feature which enhances. The levels of black to more approximate visual values. It is basically an increase in the number of black shades. These increasing variations give better quality darker images.

  • Are curved TV’s 3D?

Not exactly three dimensional but lot close to the 3D experience. Because images are formed on three axis.


Samsung UN55MU6490 is a perfect buy for people who prioritize their visual experience. To all the other necessities the TV must consist. More Expensive but definitely worth buying.