Samsung UN75MU6290 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV


The Samsung UN75MU6290 has essential immersive display capability. Like most new generation TVs this Samsung too has an ultra HD display. Along with having a perfect size for your living room. What do you want in a TV? Do you want it to be easily integrated with several of its accessories? Do you want it to change your visual experience? Then this TV is exactly the one you need to get your hands on.


Samsung on all of its products have worked terrifically in diversifying them. Along with diversifications these products are also designed. To pave ways for development of better technologies. This TV like all other Samsung products is also a step towards their modification ideology.

Smart TVs have eased the utilization of TVs and enhanced their purpose. The Samsung 4k technology TV is also smart. It has built in Wi-Fi system which takes away the hassle of managing Ethernet cables. It is a flat panel LED which seems elegantly crafted by its finishing. It is part of Samsung’s 6 series which means it also consists the essential black pro technology. Projecting shades of black in depth.


Whatever you buy there is some benefit attached to it. And this TV will definitely have all features that meet your expectations. Mainly Samsung UN75MU6290 is a moderated TV. Which has all components of directing to the upheaval of television technologies.

What good have you done to yourself if the new TV purchased has exciting features? And accessories but a similar watching experience? The key factor which makes this product distinctive is the way it has revolutionized. Our visual exposure to electronic devices.

This model is a comfortable ocular medium with a broader spectrum of dynamic colors. And all of this in an amazing size.


The reason behind the popularity of this device? The number of features this device withholds.

  • The system it works on RVU evaluation. In this way the intensity value of each pixel are altered to values which clarify their vision.
  • All smart TVs do not support a wide range of apps but this TV according to a survey. Is most friendly to a higher number of apps than any other TV in electronic stores categorically.
  • It has an ultra-clear panel which is very elegant and simple. You wouldn’t be confused to what indicates to what as it is easily understandable. In addition to this connect share is also integrated in this television set.
  • The feature which makes it really unique from other similar TVs is the game mode effect. Yes, this TV can be great for passionate gamers. The gaming experience you’ll have on this TV is something you would love to see.
  • There are a lot of things on our mobile phones which we want to see on a larger screen. The Samsung mobile mirroring specification is the solution.
  • Not only can pictures and videos be viewed. But simply everything that your mobile displays can be witnessed as it is.

Customer satisfaction

After researching various reviews it can easily be stated. That the customer satisfaction of this product is greatly achieved by Samsung. The game mode was specifically induced to satisfy gamers. And its enhanced displaying potential cannot let anyone go by unsatisfied.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The Samsung UN75MU6290 has a big screen which not only is big in size but has fine resolution. Also have a V-Chip and a USB HID port. It has the all common languages spoken in the US. So if you have a stronger grip over French and Spanish than English this would be for you. The electronic channel guide is also available that makes it easier for you to find guidance.

The only thing that can fall in the disadvantages category is the cost of this television set. The size can also be a disadvantage if you have smaller space.

Common questions asked

1) What is a V-chip?

V-chip is a chip that is programmable by the user to scrabble data which might be sexually explicit. The identification of material to be violent is done. Through finding a special code which leads to identifying.

2) Is there a difference between a normal USB port and USB HID port?

There is no real difference between the two. HID stands for human interface device which are referred. To all peripheral devices like mouse and keyboards.


It can be concluded that this TV is one of the finest when it comes to extracting maximum use out of a television set. For gamers this is an ideal LED TV. This is a smart TV with brilliant display. Having fast moving content with minimum blurring effect. Samsung has always ensured quality. And the accessories which come along with this product make it even more impressive.