Samsung UN65LS003AFXZA Flat 65″ LED 4K UHD


Review Samsung UN65LS003AFXZA Flat 65″ LED 4K UHD The Frame SmartTV

The most beautiful TV you’ve never seen as Samsung says. This is truly a beautiful TV set. Especially for those who have the love for art. The wooden bezels that you can buy, are magnetically attached. To the existing metallic bezel of the TV. Giving an artistic frame look. This TV when not in use. Can then turn into an attractive art work. You can choose to show slideshows or just one picture. The view of which can be like a real canvas painting. Even paper feel can be experienced.


Apart from the attractive body. This unique TV also offers the latest technology of viewing. This 4k ultra high definition provides seamless color variety. This is actually a latest TV in disguise. The best part of this TV is its ability to turn into an artwork. Since it also has invisible connection. No one can actually point out if this is a TV. This saves a lot of space in your room. You do not need a separate place for a painting when you have this amazing TV!


For art enthusiasts this TV Samsung UN65LS003AFXZA has enormous benefits. The TV seamlessly transforms into an attractive work of art. One can choose from the built-in gallery set or personalize the slideshow. The screen turns into a reflective glass when in art mode. Giving a real frame look.

Even the frames can be customized. Depending on your home décor. You can choose the best fitting color and texture of the frame. From wooden brown, to matte white and metallic black. All colors and textures of frames are available. Since the TV is 4k ultra high definition. So the art work is displayed such. There is no difference in a real art work and this TV.

Works best in all light conditions. Since the brightness can be adjusted. This gives a realer look to the frame. And because of the color technology. The brightness doesn’t change the vibrancy of colors. One has to actually see the TV to believe the features.


This amazing Samsung UN65LS003AFXZA is packed with latest features. The TV itself is modern and 4k ultra high definition resolution. But we will discuss more about the artistic aspects of it here. Since the unique preposition if this TV is it’s art work.

  • The TV has gapless mounting feature. Since it is extremely slim for a TV. When attached to the wall gapless, makes it look like a real frame. The invisible connection feature. Makes the wiring invisible depending on your wall color. With one single cord connecting all your devices via One Connect Box.
  • The paintings look so real as if an actual canvas is hung. With the display so vibrant and high definition. The depth of the picture is fascinating. The colors are extremely vibrant. Detecting and showing the little differences is what makes this a master piece. The photos seem as if printed on a paper. Only if there was not the glass, one would attempt to feel it.
  • The professionally selected artwork from Samsung is enough. Samsung has collected hundreds of art work. And curated it into ten galleries. You can either choose them to slideshow. Or let one hang in there for as long as you wish. You can alternatively choose to display your personalized pictures too!
  • You can chose the texture of your photos too. Depending on the artwork and your mood. There are various options for you to choose from. Combination off matte layout and different colors.

Customer Satisfaction

The customers who intend to purchase this TV for what it really is. Will be extremely satisfied with it. While if you are rather looking for an ordinary TV. This would still be the right option for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the obvious advantages is the unique preposition. The artwork mode gives this an upper hand. As there are not many completion out there as such. The Samsung UN65LS003AFXZA is incredible performer as well. The colors are amazing. The 4k ultra high definition is the standard high definition now.

However, there are few drawbacks as well. For instance. One might not want to hang a TV where they would a painting. Usually paintings are hung in areas of the house where TV isn’t commonly watched. Like a dining area for example. Also the paintings are usually hung higher than a TV is mounted.

Although the paintings are amazing and feel real. At night the results might not be as expected. After all, it is actually a TV. Emitting light, makes it obvious it isn’t an actual painting. And all the fancy frame gets hidden under the brightness of the TV. At day time however, this artwork display is at its best.

Common Questions Asked

  • How does the look maintain natural for the artwork?

The intelligent sensors adjust the brightness and color level according to the room’s ambiance. Alternatively you may set it up manually.

  • Does the frame come with artwork?

Yes, Samsung has curated ten attractive galleries. You can either choose for a slideshow or let one hang.

  • What inputs and outputs are in this TV?

The TV has all inputs and outputs available. Including USB ports, three of them. Four HDMI ports, one Ethernet, audio and RF input. It also comes with a serial interface.


For those who are looking for an artistic touch to their TV. This is definitely the best option out there. Apart from the artwork. The TV performs quite well too. The TV is extremely beautiful. The outer body can be customized. Which can save you a lot if you are bored of your TV. Just change the bezels for a new experience. Invisible connection makes it look like magic with this TV.