Samsung UN65KS8500 Curved 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)


The best of the television set technology. Utilizing the latest color blend breakthroughs, the Samsung KS8500 Curved 4K SUHD Tv set and its own Quantum Dot Color creates our best picture yet, letting you escape into whatever you’re viewing. Its new breakthrough HDR1000 High Active Range shows details you’ve never seen, while its Optimum Illuminator Expert makes every picture come alive by causing tones of color pop.
This 4K SUHD has a curved display with an ultra-slim, lowest bezel, and luxurious 360 design that blows your mind away from back to front. Plus, its increased seamless Smart Television capacities make it as user friendly as it is beautiful to admire.

More display size: 49 Inch | 55 Inch

Samsung UN65KS8500 Television Features:
Exceptional color. Authentic images.

See accurate hues and lifelike colors stand out at length with SUHD Quantum Dot Color that unlocks up to billion color combinations.

Dynamic brightness uncovers hidden details

See the sun light in its full radiant glory and discover the small details at night shadows with this best HDR advancement, HDR 1000.

Remaster your non-SUHD content

Watch your non-SUHD content in smart and vivid display quality with Samsung’s unique smart picture engine. It analyzes the lighting of the video recording source and remasters it for optimum distinction.

See small details become more lucid

Ultra Black color increases compare and preserves profound color and blacks richness in brighter room light options.

An unbelievable view, wherever you sit

Get drawn in to the action with this state-of-the-art curved display screen that gives an immersive picture experience with off-angle browsing, making any chair the best chair in the homely house. Ingest the tasteful design of the SUHD Television set with a smooth metallic body and streamlined back again that appears stunning from any position.

The features you want, all in a single place

Screen images become more active by using an SUHD TV that has an ultra-slim bezel, creating a edgeless picture virtually.

Appears great from any angle

Simple usage of live TV, loading content resources, and applications in a single place with Smart Hub – and you merely need one handy remote control for this all.

Indulge your interior gamer

Access games from the Cloud and revel in the most natural video gaming experience on a huge screen without the utilization of a gaming system.

Easily connect, show and play your chosen content

Made to excite the senses Watch your Tv set entertainment on your mobile device – or your mobile marketing on your Tv set via the Smart View App.

Vibrant browsing experience

UHD Dimming optimizes color, distinction, and image fine detail by handling the image characteristics to them being shown on the display screen prior.


The Tv responds well and will not create any blurry results surprisingly. The LED light is even everywhere and generates a bright image that will surely put in a good look. The added light in an area won’t make the collection brighter nor does it create an attractive glare that could be too complicated or hard to make use of. The smart TV system is simple to follow especially. This setup works together with an instant connection that is not hard to follow and it is not too complicated or tough. All of the applications that works with is particularly great as it works together with a variety of different loading services. This increases the variety of encoding you can use here.

Customer Review

Customers at online retailers have been very positive about the television  set and how it operates. Customers say that they don’t see any picture degradation issues while taking a look at the set. In addition they love how images are projected well without glare and are made to be easy to consider. The power of the collection to upconvert different images to 4K screen is particularly great as it ensures a graphic can look its best without the distortion getting back in the way.


  • Overall good display quality provides rich stunning colors and profound dark-colored levels with high distinction range
  • HDR images improve display quality
  • Low type lag when place to Game function – ideal for video gaming
  • Good movement blur control for activities and fast action movie content
  • New Smart Hub smart Tv set platform with increased interface


  • Picture loses some color saturation and compare when looked at from area angles
  • Action Judder is definitely an presssing concern with some video tutorial content
  • No 3D capacity – if you’ll still desire this feature
  • No element or amalgamated analog video recording inputs
  • Light bleed at top of screen


The Samsung UN65KS8500 bends the guidelines using its curved 4K screen. For a long time, Samsung is a class innovator in the High definition tv category,continously producing shows with profound , rich blacks, beautiful color blazingly, and enough extra features to make your mind spin. Their foray into 4K shows has been no different of course, which pedigree for quality is no longer evident than in the Samsung UN65KS8500.

Aside from the complicated model numbers, the Samsung has lots of the same features we cherished in their 1080p lines, including Quantum Dot color technology, a 240Hz refresh rate , and HDR 1000 High Active Range contrast. It ought to be pointed out that because the Samsung is curved, it may well not be optimum for larger seats layouts made to let more than four people watch simultaneously. Curved screens add an extremely immersive cinematic effect that must be seen to be believed really, however the bargain is their taking a look at perspectives turn out less-than-optimal as a complete end result.