Samsung UN65KU7000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)


Samsung UN65KU7000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED does not feature a high-quality picture but this TV is not bad for most content. The TV comes with an HDR input, but it does not come with the capabilities in order to display a picture which is more colorful. This TV also has bad reflections and constant judder on movies. When you watch movie from the side, the quality of the picture also diminishes.

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The Samsung UN65KU7000 brings the same quality of design and look as the Samsung J5500, J5200, and J5000. It has simple look and design for a standard television. The stand comes with a wide footprint while still stable and the borders are still average.

The Samsung UN65KU7000 comes with a good quality of picture for movies. There are a couple of high-quality contents such as Blu-Rays shows detailed and the lower quality content such as cable TV and DVDs does good enough. This TV comes with dark scenes which occur deep even when the light is out. The Samsung UN65KU7000 even comes with HDR but is not fair compared to a TV which does not feature it. Unluckily, judder is great in colors and movies that have been better.

Dark scenes will be controlled easier by this Samsung UN65KU7000 because it comes with deep blacks and also decent contrast ratio. This TV is no problem with uniformity and you can also find no flash light or clouding. In terms of the down side, this TV has a problem with local dimming that is even better with darker blacks and brighter whites.

Samsung TV has the capability of motion interpolation for the content of 30fps. But this TV cannot handle 60fps content. Judder cannot also be removed from any source of movie. Fortunately, judder is not a problem for everyone, but you will not get the best movie experience ever.

Samsung UN65KU7000 comes with HDR, and features HDR10, but unluckily has a problem with 10-bit panel, Dolby Vision, wide color gamut, and has an average peak of brightness. Out of the box, this Samsung UN65KU7000 is very decent, but this TV is still too warm by default under the mode of movie. Fortunately, because this is a Samsung TV, the calibration is the not a big deal because it was easy and fast.

Samsung UN65KU7000 does not have a lot of problems in terms of displaying resolution which is most frequently used. It means that content will all look perfect and crisp from standard cable TV into 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray. The details are very preserved even when it comes to lower resolutions.

For those of you who are loved to play games, you can count on this Samsung UN65KU7000.

There is no lag between the display to the inputs, and the motion blur will keep fast moving objects clear. For those of you who like to use the TV as PC monitor, this Samsung UN65KU7000 offers a couple of resolution that you can choose from.