Samsung QN75Q8C Curved 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV (2017 Model)


Samsung QN75Q8C is the biggest screen size choice for Samsung Q8C model. Samsung Q8C come along with curved panel design that offered panoramic watching experience. Samsung QN75Q8C is finished with QLED innovation. Q-Color can convey richer color details with about 100% color volume, while Q Elite Black brings deep black level for a better subtle elements oblivious piece of the scenes. Q 4K HDR Elite is the new HDR innovation as a component of QLED innovation. Q HDR can convey improved complexity and points of interest in Samsung QN75Q8C substantial screen. Samsung QN75Q8C accompanies Motion Rate 240 that can convey smooth and fast motion pictures on the TV’s screen. The Smart TV stage of Samsung QN75Q8C is named QSmart that comes as the upgrade of last year’sSamsung Smart TV. The controller or remote of QN75Q8C is a Real Metal Smart Remote that can go about as just a single remote to control the TV and the gadgets that are associated with it. To convey quicker web association, QN75Q8C is now finished with 802.11ac remote that convey up to four times speedier remote than past 802.11n remote.

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Features of the Samsung QN75Q8C

This new amazing TV by Samsung was presented in the first quarter of 2017. It has a broad and very much composed 75-inch screen measure with a curved panel design.


Samsung has been utilizing quantum spots in their top TVs for a couple of years now. For QLED, Samsung upgraded that approach with metal-based quantum spots that convey a more extensive color palette, expanded light proficiency, and more remarkable durability.

QLED TVs carry enhanced color volume abilities contrasted with past models. Color volume is another method for discussing color performance that factors in picture brightness. As of recently, you’d usually lose some color accuracy as the TV’s picture got brighter. But, QLED keeps up full-color precision and immersion at any brightness level. Just like in real life, colors pop up the same way.


With a photo this dynamic, you’ll need to encourage the QN75Q8C the most noteworthy quality signs you can discover. The best available 4K source out there is a 4K Ultra HD Blu-beam player. Hollywood will discharge hundreds of more films on Ultra HD Blu-beam this year, and the vast majority of those plates will likewise be HDR-upgraded. There are 4K web spilling choices, as well, including Netflix®, Amazon Instant Video, and Vudu. A significant portion of their 4K offerings additionally highlights HDR.

But, you needn’t bother with local 4K substance to be thumped out by the QN75Q8C’s photo. Samsung’s designers made 4K upconversion a top need while building up this current set’s video preparing hardware. UHD Upscaling consequently upconverts any flag to coordinate the screen’s 4K determination. All your present video sources will look better than anyone might have expected.


Samsung has a smart method for making hookup easier, particularly if you want to mount your TV on the wall. Rather than connecting your Blu-beam player, link box, and other video sources to the TV itself, you connect them to the reduced One Connect switching hub, which comes in the case with the QN75Q8C. A solitary super-thin cable joins the hub to the TV, for a perfect, neat look.


With regards to smart TV components, Samsung’s arrangement of streaming music and video applications is difficult to beat. Furthermore, new, enhanced Android® and IOS® apps will give you a chance to get live warnings from the QN75Q8C and help you find content. Another smart app can tune into a song playing on TV and recognize it on the spot. If you like it, you can always stream it on Spotify®.

The smart remote’s implicit mouthpiece and the TV’s voice control work indeed simplify day to day use. Your voice is all you have to switch the TV on or off, change channels, or alter the volume. You can likewise explore menus and open up applications, all without taking your eyes off the TV screen.


It’s reasonable that Samsung QN75Q8C that comes as the higher model is valued higher than most Samsung items.

Specs and Technical

This remarkable Tv consists of a 4k Ultra HD Resolution bringing you the new age TV experience which cannot be compared to older TVs. Its display type is the QLED smart, curved with a 75″ screen size. This is obviously a smart TV which is compatible with an aspect Ratio of 16:9. A panel refresh rate of 120Hz with 1 billion display colors which is Bluetooth compatible. Other features include;

  • Max. Resolution of: 4k Ultra HD
  • RF IN: 1
  • Consist of Dimensions Without Stand (WxHxD): 65.5″ x 37.8″ x 5.1″
  • Weight (in pounds): 99.4
  • Consist of Dimensions With Stand (WxHxD): 65.5″ x 41.3″ x 17.1″
  • Wall Mount Compatibility: 400 mm x 400 mm

In conclusion, it consists of one Ethernet port, four HDMI input, three USB ports and most importantly it’s energy star qualified.

Advice for Samsung QN75Q8C

What is the reason to pick Samsung QN75Q8C that’s a lot more expensive than other TVs? The best answer is its curved panel design. It’s a decent decision if you want to know what panoramic watching background on your vast screen TV feels like. Moreover, Samsung QN75Q8C likewise offer all the more capable sound yield with its highly intense speaker output. If its all the same to you to spend around 13% more for all general watching experience and somewhat more powerful sound output, then you ought to consider Samsung QN75Q8C as your first choice!